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What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and their symbolic significance. It is not a philosophy that does not contradict or reinforce the beliefs of any religion nor does it claim to predict the future. The practice is simply concerned with gaining a deeper knowledge of the patterns of life.
How to Use Numerology
Every number has its own significance. Understanding their individual meaning, and how their power and potential relate to us personally, can help improve our comprehension of our own selves considerably. Number affects every area of our lives. We use them to define ourselves and our place in the world. Currency time and bank details are factors that govern daily life, and all rely on the application of numbers. In numerology, however the most significant numbers are your date of birth and the numbers that relate to the particular letters of your name.

The numbers in your life are not arbitrary. They are part of your life plan, and they are therefore of great significance to you. Everyone has unique arrangement of numbers that act as a guide but do not control your life.
A professional numerology reading may reveal several numbers of significance in your life, but the two numbers most important for personal development are your personal birthdate number and your personal name number
Your personal birthdate number is sometimes called your life part number. It is derived from numbers that make up your birthdate and is the most important number in your life. Your name number helps you understand more about yourself but it is not as significant as your birthdate number. One reason for this is that your name can change. You can alter it by law or by marriage, or people can address you by a nickname, pet name, or a distorted version of your full name. A birthdate, however, is tamperproof. If you were born on May 7, 1955, nothing can change that fact.

Number one is associated with the greek single-element monad, that means divine spark and represents thebegining of creation. Numerologists believe that in order to create the world, god invoked the power of the number one. number is also associated with materialism, the physical body, birth, and rebirth.

THE NUMBER ONE PERSON.Qualities:probably a pioneering extrovertwho loves life.number one possess the qualities of leadership, creativity,courage,self-reliance, enterprise,energy,enthusiams,generosity,diligence,and intuition.you take a single-minded approach to setting and achieving goals.you may also be fickle and selfish,boastful,and lazy.

Number two is associated with the emotions. It is the number of unity, nurture, and sustenance.in the numerologist’s view of creation, god divided the power and potential of the number one to create two, allowing creation to continue. It relates to opposition, but also to unity and complementary forces such as night and day, masculine and feminine. Number two is also linked to mental creativity


Politician, lawyer, diplomat, social worker, counselor, healer, nurse, or any career where they mediate and act as a peace-maker. Their creative potential means that number two people make good writers, artists, dancers, and composers.


Anne Bronte, Madonna, Shirley basses, Mozart, prince chapels, Ronald Reagan, bill Clinton, and Diana Ross,

Three is the number of the mind. In ancient geometry it is linked to the triangle, the symbol of logic, intellect, and reason, and to the symbol of fire. In the numbered account of creation, god is believed to have called upon the power of three to give consciousness to his creation on earth.


This is the number of the self expressing original thinker and creator. Three make good writers, artists, comedians, and musicians. Any work that promotes or uplifts people, such as the priesthood, dancing, and teaching, appeals to the number three person.


Jane Austen, Salvador Dali, Indira Gandhi bill Crosby, Jayne Mansfield, f.scott Fitzgerald, and Alfred Hitchcock.

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